please be so kind and introduce your selves, your role in the project and a short explanation of meridian network

Mark | Meridian Network
Hi guys, thanks! Good being here
Hi, both Yomonk and I are founders of Meridian Network. We started doing concept development of the project in April and…

Welcome my man, great to have you here

Kyle KistnΞr | bZx + Fulcrum.Trade
My name is Kyle J Kistner, I’m co-founder of bZx. My background is in Computational Biology where I have an MSc. My co-founder Tom is 15 year veteran of Nokia/HERE and has an engineering degree from…

Alex Koloskov-Orion Protocol
Hi Moonwalkers! I’m Alexey Koloskov, CEO of Orion Protocol. I’m glad to be here in your great community. We’ll update you with the latest news about our project and the current token sale running on an innovative the Dynamic Coin Offering(DYCO) framework giving unique opportunities and benefits to…

How to find your next potential Investment

Don’t buy this coin it already made 500x!

Don’t buy this coin it’s too pumped!

I constantly read such statements, and often they are true, but not always.

Solely relying on the previous % gain is not enough to take into account.

What do we need to look at? And…

A tale about the ego and self improvement

I noticed a lot of quarrels and fights between influencer groups and traders, and I get it, this market is one bag of huge emotions and an absolute rollercoaster.

some turn salty for missing a great run, some fud projects they kind of overlooked. …

Ok maybe we start with an intro of the team first?

José Ramón Sendra Sendra,
We, Daniel and me, started this company after 10 years collaborating in other projects

I am the CTO and also co-founder of HASHWallet

Daniel Hernández,
Hi all! I'm Daniel Hernandez CEO and Co-Founder of Hashwallet.


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