Interview with Yuriy Gerasimov, CEO of Membrana Blockchain Network

A look into Trust management of digital assets

  • First of all, the safety is significantly increased because you can set additional restrictions for the trader and limit his losses with a risk management system integrated into the smart-contract. Secondary, you, as an investor can split your assets on a single API between multiple traders and trade at the same time without interrupting other contracts. You can even trust the assets to a manager who will do all the work for searching and picking the trader for his own commission. And thirdly and most importantly — the technology allows you to work on the crypto market without a need of an exchange account. You are able to access the network with MBN tokens and receive funds for trading or investing throught the platform interface.
  • Genesis Vision also has fund management based on the idea of tokenized fund. On the other side, we allow creating the fund for anyone, without the need of sending your money anywhere. We are using the same smart-contract system which scales perfectly while maintaining its safety and efficiency. Not long ago we even launched a Community Operated Fund — where our community investors can enjoy working with a balanced portfolio of community traders.



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