Live AMA recap with Vectorspace AI

8 min readJan 15, 2020

Thanks for having you here!

maybe lets start with an introduction of yourself and your role at vectorspace ?

I’m scientific and technical founder of Vectorspace AI.

In 2002 at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Vectorspace created feature vectors based on Natural Language Understanding (NLU), also known today as word embeddings. Feature vectors were used to generate correlation matrix datasets to analyze hidden relationships between genes related to extending lifespan, breast cancer and DNA damage repair resulting from space radiation.

The data sources included results from lab experiments, scientific literature from the National Library of Medicine, ontologies, controlled vocabularies, encyclopedias, dictionaries and other genomic research databases.

Back then, they also implemented AutoClass, a Bayesian classifier used to classify stars, and used it to classify groups of genes based on a dataset containing gene expression values. Losses were minimized and results became more useful when augmenting datasets with word embeddings and topic modeling. At the time, the goal was to mimic conceptual connections a biomedical researcher might make right before a discovery, in silico. Some of this work went into a published paper describing hidden relationships between genes related to extending the lifespan of nematodes. In 2005, the US Navy’s SPAWAR division got involved, which allowed more resources to expand research into areas like the financial markets.

what exactly is vectorspace, and what problems is it solving?

We’re a team with a deep background in science, technology and the financial markets.
We’re veteran software engineers, scientific and technical founders. We work in the area of specialized algorithms in ML/AI for Life Sciences and the financial markets.

We’ve been in the AI industry since 1994 at Genentech executing on pattern recognition algorithms. Before that, we built search engines which have their roots in AI.

In the bioinformatics industry, we invented new systems and patented commercial products that assisted in finding hidden connections between human genes right after the human genome was sequenced. This involved pattern recognition and prediction (a pillar of AI/ML). This was when the term ‘Data Science’ did not exist when we everyone called it ‘Data Mining’ and ‘Knowledge Discovery’ aka AI.

In short, we help hedge funds and asset management companies generate alpha — look this up if you don’t know what it means. It’s critically important to the operation of their funds.

Which sectors do you think this technology could disrupt or improve the most?

Biosciences, in particular, space biosciences which relates to protecting DNA in space and in turn extending human lifespan and healthspan.

Where can we find more information about the tokenomics?

Search for the article titled: A Deep Dive on the Data-focused Crypto, Vectorspace AI (VXV)

How did you come to dive into the cryptospace?

I’ve been in the traditional markets for years before crypto existed. I was also the CEO of a publicly traded company and have advised hedge funds for the last 7 years. We deal in trading vehicles and crypto is a trading vehicle with exposure to a new global capital market place. We’ve forked bitcoin with one of the founding devs of namecoin, called it songcoin but then our investor left. Lookup “pimovi songcoin franks” on Google, that was back 2013/2014.

You mentioned that in 2022 Nasdaq will list crypto and that you will be first in line. Can you explain your connections with them?

One of our long time investors whos on the Street knows her personally.

How many team members do you have ?

5 engineers, 10 ops, exec, admin, legal etc at the core.

How do you plan on scaling your solution to the mass-market?
Or do you plan on serving a smaller, higher-paying audience?
Do you have any partners who are helping you bring on more clients?

We know to scale, we’ve scaled to 50M per month while powering Spotify years ago. Most of it is engineering based, secondarily, team based.

Lookup “data vendor” then lookup Neudata then WorldQuant as we’re engaged in pilots with them.

ha thats quite the story love it, how is the project funded, is there already revenue?

We’re funded by angel investors in Silicon Valley as our roots are there along with other angels more crypto focused.

Are there any opportunities to earn ‘passive income’ from holding VXV?

No as we are a operating utility token trading vehicle that complies with the spirit of US SEC law.

Can you explan “Vectorspace ‘Smart Baskets’ “ if possible in a simple manner?

Lookup the term “thematic investing” and trading baskets. We generate baskets of securities and crypto based on a theme, global event or topic, automatically. This is why we call them Smart Baskets. Baskets made up of on average 10 trading vehicles, short or long.

I THINK There was no ICO where does the current float on the open market derive from?

You don’t want or need and ICO to have a float of course. Our float is made up of 2 components just as traditional market trading vehicle, 1. long term institutional holders 2. traders which total ~19M

Powering most AI/ML in any industry with datasets as all AI/ML rely on datasets.

to understand the project you need quite the indepht knowledge of various topics, is that an issue for adoption?

Not for astute and savvy hedge funds and asset management companies who also have thousands of their own customers. Not for multibillion dollar publicly traded companies like Elastic and Splunk who also have hundreds of thousand of customers and traders. Everyone else will follow the money which we generate.

Is this service already operational with paying/bidding clients?

We have pilots that will convert to revenue as mentioned above. Our business is making groups money through alpha generation and portfolio protection. Today, revenue is a function of engineering followed by customer discovery and onboarding.

Or is the current marketcap mostly from speculative investors?

We’re undervalued and we like it that why while the crypto markets are being purged of low quality crypto’s that have no idea or intention on delivering real product followed by revenue and then profit.

like this alot and makes sense, can you tell us more about the VXV token? what exactly is it needed for?

VXV is used to access our tiered dataset services (which power ML/AI for our customers) 2. Data provenance/lineage tracking — this is critical to our customers and best executed on chain.

Thanks. I’m trying to figure out how the marketcap will relate to the customer attainment.

I saw in the article that you mentioned some customers may be interested in outbidding each other.

Without breaking obvious rules, could you share any thoughts on how you envision marketcap scaling with the adoption of your service?

Asset management companies do not care about our marketcap. Marketcap in the crypto space is bogus as most bots are simply trading back and forth maintaining a false marketcap. Marketcap is also one of the worst ways to factor DD on any company. Lookup our Medium article on DD.

So its safe to say without VXV costumers cannot benefit of the services the project provides?
how exactly will costumers purchase VXV tokens? is there a strategy ?

They benefit by generating alpha aka making money. This is important to all customers from hedge funds to asset management companies to any one that trades VXV.

We plan to list on a max of 2 orderbooks, preferably just 1 along with 1 pair. We’re talking with Kraken about this but in the meantime, we use ProBit to access Japan, Korea and Chinese traders who double as our customers.

To whom does the token go after it is consumed using services?

It’s either placed back into the float, sold to another highest bidding customer or we buy them back.

A lot of companies running with Machine-Learning and AI. (Think I saw 2 projects last year also into AI/Crypto)

Any plans for future partnerships in 2020? To benefit for the upcoming bull?

It’s important to understand that we are far more valuable partnering with multibillion dollar hedge funds/asset management co’s and publicly traded enterprise companies like ESTC, SPLK and MSFT — they have far more resources and the revenue would be far greater. Remember, it’s all about revenue and then profit. This is what will separate the real players from the short term weak players. It’s also important to note that any hedge fund or asset management co that is our customer will also be taking positions in VXV — this is a no brainer.

Any other crypto projects you can see urself collaberating with?

Not really, we have not found one yet that has not issued to many tokens in the cap table nor one that would add more value that hedge funds/asset mgmt co’s and multibillion dollar publicly traded co’s who have their own shareholders who are looking to enter crypto. There’s no comparison to this opportunity for valuation, revenue and profit.

Cant disagree here, what about the community, what can they do to engage with this epic project?

Anyone can take a position now on ProBit or later at higher valuations when we list on Kraken or another top tier.

During a recession there are less money making opportunities in the stock market. Do you think vxv will be more valuable because of that?

Based on our experience in the traditional markets which spans the last 5 downturns, we have a prediction that when the traditional markets crack based on a Black Swan event or a cyclical swing into an extended downturn — bear market territory, most investors, crypto included, will go cash. We predict this will cause a spike down and maybe a few flash crashes across the board in crypto, temporarily and similar to a tsunami ‘drawback’.
Eventually, cash that’s put on the sidelines will have to be put back to work as cash is only temporarily King. The traditional markets will not be a safe haven as they were not during the last downturn starting in 2008 with the fall of Bear Stearns. A flight-to-quality will occur with a tsunami of cash moving into asset classes that have the most upside, in this case, cryptoassets that have gone through our rigorous process of due diligence.

Since you are targeting clients, such as hedgefunds, that aren’t traditionally involved in crypto, could your foresee the VXV token becoming a digital asset that’s traded on ‘traditional’ exchanges?

Yes, that’s one of our long term goals as Nasdaq is mulling listing crypto co’s.

How are you certain about Kraken? and explictly mention ‘Kraken’ without any concerns of violating NDA?

  1. NDA’s are bogus and get broken all the time. Never rely on them.
  2. Kraken never mention anything related to an NDA
  3. Kraken is looking for quality projects and we are one of the highest quality projects.

We have extensive experience in the startup world and real players do not rely on NDAs

Is the VXV token likely to stay ERC20?


I’m also under the belief that a stock market crash would lead to a crypto crash as it makes the most sense

But we are likely still at least a year off from having to face that and see

I still can’t post links or images so search for the term “fred stlouisfed series T10Y3MM” on google and click on the first link then compare downturns with where we are today on the yield curve.

What chain is used for data provenance?

Ethereum and then we’ll be rolling our own

Do you have any exciting news/scoop to share?

Look for us to initiate our PR rollouts next week.

Has the date for IDEX and Bilaxy delisting been finalized?

We’re looking by the end of this week as we’re in heavy communication with them.

You have been a true gift to us today my friend!
I am more excited about VXV than ever

Lots more to share later on