mini-Interview with Dmitry Zhulin founder of Insolar and Instamart

I recently approached Dmitry Zhulin the founder of Insolar and asked him a few questions. Insolar is one of the most exciting projects for me, with world-class technology, business knowledge, and an excellent use case.

5 min readMay 14, 2019
the Insolar roadmap

Marketing. There has been a lot of efforts during the ICO of course, but also afterward, now it’s completely stopped, may I ask why?

After the ICO we still do a lot to spread a word about Insolar technology and vision. All of our news is published in tier-1 blockchain and mainstream media with huge coverage (usually 100–200 media per news in English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese). Most of our efforts are currently focused on various target audiences: enterprises (prospective users of Insolar solutions) and developers (we’re planning to build a powerful developer community). But we don’t forget about the crypto community, too. Closer to the mainnet launch you can expect more crypto community-focused news which should bring positive sentiment.

The founders are completely absent from social media and marketing, they have been very active before, where are they and what are they up to?

Insolar founders: Andrey Zhulin, Dmitry Zhulin, and Peter Fedchenkov are busy with running the business with the team is over 70 people in 4 countries and advancing the project, as there’s a lot of work to be done. For marketing purposes, we have the whole marketing department responsible for different geographies speaking English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. But we understand the importance of founders’ personal brand and we see a big request from the community for getting more communications from the founders, we’ll take it into account. But we do believe that tech development and getting real clients is more important for mid- and long-term success of Insolar.

Insolar has been working hard behind the scenes, achieving rank 1 on Github entries in the past 12 months

The vision of Insolar changed a lot since ico, is the empowerment of the people, and having a say in production still the main agenda? I have to say the recent spreadsheets look a lot like a typical kinda generic business blockchain. what happened with the community vibe? was it just for the ICO?

Our vision has changed and it’s true, we made this based on feedback from hundreds of innovation executives and blockchain practitioners, who proved that none of the existing solutions fits enterprise needs. We aren’t doing «another generic blockchain for business». Our key goal remains the same: implementing cutting-edge technology to the real world and making people’s life better by having more transparent and trustful interactions. We see a huge opportunity for blockchain in the enterprise sector and sure this vision will bring a lot of benefits to Insolar and its community.

As for the community, a lot of members have given up the crypto due to the longest crypto winter ever. We expect the community to grow again after the market recovery. But anyway we can see a big interest in the project and activity in Insolar social media. Thanks a lot to all those community members who trust in Insolar’s success. We appreciate your support and work hard to build the world’s leading blockchain company.

Insolar is still in development stage but could be a game changer

Can I share your answers in a mini interview?

Yes, we are as transparent as possible, we’ve got nothing to hide from the community.


Insolar has been working ambitiously on excellent software behind the scenes, while fighting against hard odds like the crypto winter or a very longterm roadmap, due to their own native blockchain.
The Token INS is currently ranked 338 with a market cap of around 9–10m$ and a price of $0,285349 per INS.
While Dmitry Zhulin confirmed they changed the vision a bit, it does not mean they completely abandoned it, it’s a more fleshed out and professional approach, with the one target above all:
Succeeding in becoming one of the leading platforms for building and running public and private blockchain solutions for business.
There is still quite a lot of time until we will see mainnet, but time is also running fast and I doubt Insolar will stay out of the top 20 CMC longterm.

What have they been up to?

The team has been expanding

The Insolar development team has been expanding with new members joining the Moscow and St. Petersburg offices. 2 QA engineers, a DevOps engineer and a technical writer have recently joined Insolar.

Refactoring, retesting, reviewing

Work has been continuing to perfect the platform with the development team testing and reviewing the code, carrying out refactoring and indexation for versioning knowledge. The work carried out on the platform is aimed at stabilizing the system, and discovering and correcting software bugs.

External nodes have been deployed

Meanwhile, UC Berkeley has been testing the Insolar Blockchain Platform TestNet to verify its scalability and speed. To do so, the university has deployed an Insolar node.

Being an admirer of clever pos systems, I myself cannot wait to test the Insolar blockchain and see its results. The beauty about nodes is they enable so many different things and scenarios, and every participant has a stake in the game while profiting from the ecosystem growth and at the same time safeguarding it.

It is a heavenly combination.

Insolar has entered into a cooperation agreement with Canada’s Hero Engineering Inc. to develop and test a blockchain-based platform for improving the resiliency and efficiency of energy systems.

Funded in part by a federal grant from Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN), the Insolar blockchain will be integrated into a transactive smart grid prototype, which is designed to improve the uptake of distributed generation of renewables, electric vehicles, energy storage systems, and smart thermostats.

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