The first ever #Moonranking Cryptocurrency report!

A glimpse into the mind of a gem hunter

Since I get a lot of questions to my own ranking system, and my choices are sometimes hard to understand, I am now going to publish a ranking report.
I’m going to cover my different ranks, what exactly it all means and how I come to conclusions.
Also, I am going to talk about projects that impressed me and others that let me down more, so it is all going to be more understandable and transparent.

The Moonranking

Silver is the lowest and the basic rank of mine, it essentially means “on my radar”. While silver ranks already made it to a smaller selection, it still is a very early and risky pick.

I place new projects in silver that still have to prove a lot, projects that are far behind in their dev work, or that haven’t launched any form of a product yet.
The early stages are where you can lose and win the most, it’s where you make your 100x or get wrecked.

I don’t try to hide this fact and though I talk about risks often I still think many don’t understand that without any risk you cannot make insane gains.
So if you are a beginner and don’t know how to do proper research I recommend to skip this section.

Gold picks are already pretty excellent, I only accept either very good performing test nets or at least a usable beta product.
The Team has to have a proven track record over many achieved milestones and token metrics, idea, business use case and even better partners are needed.

This is still a disruptive tech and you cannot become generic, so there are some projects that have exponential power in an area while totally lacking in another.

This has to be taken into account, Internetx has low funding and a small community, but a nearly full working product.
Insolar has no mainnet yet but is testing their code on testnet very successfully with elite universities.

Diamond, the most controversial of my picks, many still don’t understand what can and what cannot be a diamond pick.
First, let us make clear the there is a metric that is absolutely irrelevant to my rankings, and while many primary choose their picks after it, I tend to totally block it out. Price

Price vs Value

While it is old knowledge that Value is unequal price, in crypto many still fall for this trap.
I see many professional traders simply getting excited about a pick cause its “up”.
Let’s just end this debate right here and now, bitcoin itself was once worth cents.
Price is irrelevant, the only thing I want from price is as low as possible.
Fundamental quality and value, on the other hand, is the holy grail of gem hunting.

Now what makes a Diamond pick?

Unique Blockchain

To achieve the highest rating a project must be an ecosystem itself, meaning not an issued token on a different chain, but the chain itself.

Why? simply cause there is no higher value than enabling ecosystems for others or define a custom build ecosystem for yourself.

Business partners and usecase

While there are many interesting science projects and use cases, to achieve Diamond a project need huge business partners, major funding and multiple dapps or products.

Solid ecosystem and tokenmetrics

while it is near impossible to achieve the above without having a superb ecosystem and tokenmetrics its still very very important.


Looking at Ethereum, which has the first two criterias but lacking the last.

It ran on an outdated slow and unscalable algorithm (PoW) it has no solid ecosystem, meaning token holders don’t benefit from any growth or adoption but pay higher fees since the token is rising.

Many projects learned from the mistakes of the old giants and found multiple and sometimes unique ways to solve scalability, governance and token utility.

Crypto moving fast

No matter how much research I do, crypto is moving fast and you always have to adapt or be left behind.
It’s way easier if you simply accept this fact.

Don’t fall in love with your bags (i know it is hard) but after all its an investment, not a club or group.
To keep my followers synced to my current sentiment I added a few indicators about how projects are currently performing.

Not much to say here, as said before, a potential up or downgrade is not due to bad or good price action but earned after achieving progress in technical or business areas.

I’m going to cover some of my picks that impressed me lately:

Phantasma (token ticker $SOUL)

One of the most ambitious and interesting projects and a newer addition to my picks. When I saw the token metrics I immediately fell in love with this one.

For an Ecosystem maniac like me, this is just a dream come true.
They took the best out of every chain and combined it to one epic self-sustaining ecosystem.

Block producers secure the system while earning a reward, a clever dual token system takes care of fees, Phantom force keeps on working and evolving the chain, governance voting systems enable the community to decide about funds.

Whoever designed this is a genius.

*After looking at the Soul account holders, excluding the top 10 which are the team and exchange wallets, I estimate that there will be 348 Soulmasters with the required collateral of 50k per Soulmaster. This assumes that accounts holding several hundred thousand will allocate all they can to run multiple Soulmasters. Phantasma has stated that 125 000 Soul will be divided between the Soulmasters monthly for a period of 4 years. Total 6 000 000 Soul. Based on the before mentioned, each Soulmaster will approximately receive 359 Soul per month.

3 scenarios of what that monthly Soulmaster reward will be worth with certain market caps.

Scenario 1:
$100 000 000 MC
Soul token will be worth $1.71
Monthly Soulmaster reward would equate to $615,43
Soulmaster value $85,500

Scenario 2:
$500 000 000 MC
Soul token will be worth $8.57
Monthly Soulmaster reward would equate to $3077.16
Soulmaster value $428,500

Scenario 3:
$1 000 000 000 MC
Soul token will be worth $17.14
Monthly Soulmaster reward would equate to $6154.32
Soulmaster value $857,000

*This calculation has been added by my friend Blazing Burgundy

But they have much much more going on to cover it all in detail would overtake this report, I’m going to feature them more in-depth in an upcoming interview.

So in short Phantasma started off with a Gaming partnership:

“Phantasma is proud to announce that the Xbox, Sony and AMD partnered producer of 22 Racing Series (, GOATi entertainment, is joining Phantom Force and partnering exclusively with Phantasma for all Blockchain related development.

For their roadmap they have currently planed:


Since its a very ambitious project they ran into some troubles with their chain release and some bugs and delays lead to an epic dump.

Remember the lower the price greater the potential reward, if you think there is a way to create new ecosystems on this level without running into obstacles you are blind.

With rank 607 and a market cap of 3m$ and all these qualities, I see this a future gold or even diamond pick.

Insolar ($INS)

I’ve been very impressed by Insolar in every technical aspect, which got me to upgrade it to Gold.

While they still have no working product yet, their testnet results are quite amazing. Not only are they verified but also actively tested by elite Universities around the globe.

“”TestNet 1.1 exceeded expectations by demonstrating a throughput in excess of 19,000 tx/s in a network of 20 nodes. Since then, external participants in the form of leading educational institutions and private companies have joined the TestNet. Let’s take a closer look at three of the universities who have deployed an Insolar node:

UC Berkeley

York University

University of Sibiu — Connected Intelligence Research Center”

Insolar is a business blockchain that redefines many concepts of current blockchain.

Its technically more advanced than multi billion $ giants like EOS, is currently talking with over 20 fortune 500 companies.

It is aiming to set new standards in modularity, scalability and performance.

Their marketing so far is on lowest flame, cause it doesn’t make sense to waste funds on marketing without a final product.
I respect this approach and it shows they are in it for the long run.
Be very careful with new projects that spend a lot on marketing, it is not a sustainable approach.

Still, they have a lot going on in the next months leading to their mainnet launch on September 30, 2019.

Looking at the ICO returns it truly has been a disaster, but remember we had a bear market and this is a longterm project.

While many ICO investors at this point become emotional and start to dump and move on, I myself start to accumulate and see it as a discount.

I learned a lot by looking at the coin explorers, do the math and see how possible it is to become a top 100 holder.

This gives an excellent view of distribution and the stage of the project.
Currently, Insolar is ranked at 316 with a market cap of 11.5m$
To achieve the market cap of EOS it would be a 590x from here!

If they achieve only half of what they aim for, a decent investment in this project could be a life-changing event.

I am going to cover the technology of this project in an upcoming interview trying to de-complicate it and make it understandable.

I hope this report was useful, I’m going to do it every few weeks and cover various aspects of my rating, picks, and news.

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