Real Estate Without Banks, BrickEX CEO Interview


I was talking with , a good friend of mine and the topic of this ICO came up.

Investing in ICO’s and low-cap gems is the thing that has given me my successes in crypto, and after investing literally in thousands of different projects, this project definitely stands out.

That’s partly why I decided to invite to do a Medium interview and share this project with you.

A few facts and aspects that make me BULLISH longterm on this project:

  • Brings a locally restricted asset to worldwide investors
  • Improves the real estate industry by adding transparency and further functions with blockchain
  • Gives real value to the speculative crypto market

If we combine the facts, the project is extremely interesting, so let’s dive into the interview.

How would you describe the project? What is your vision?

Our vision is to make Real Estate investing more accessible and transparent for a larger worldwide investment audience.

Real estate investment is one of the most effective ways to build wealth, and it has played an important role in wealth creation for over 80% of global millionaires.

BrickEX will realize its ambition through disruptive technology in the form of building and growing a global open decentralized marketplace for Real Estate investment and trading.

Numerous (qualified) real estate investment options will provide an easy way for investors to spread their investment risk over a number of different assets.

How would you describe your team? What is going to make you successful?

We think in three ‘Ts’: Team Tech and Traction


The most important part of any venture or any idea if it is a good or even a bad plan is the team that will execute.

The founding team of BrickEX has a wealth of senior experience in technology, real estate and corporate finance.

A good team can adapt the company to the ever-changing market conditions to ensure progress and success.


There are two main platforms:

1) BrickEX Investment Platform. Any property owner can use this platform to tokenize their real estate assets and develop a promotional page around this investment propositions to investors.

2) BrickEX Exchange. This is the core platform. Any tokenized property can be listed here for trading.


With traction, we mostly imply the commercial-business traction.

This is ultimately the true measurement of our progress.

BrickEX is on track to launch the investment platform as a ‘Minimum Viable Product’ (MVP) version in October 2018.

For this MVP version, we have at least two partners lined up that will use this version to tokenize and sell their real estate assets.

Furthermore, the team is making great progress on technology (our partner Maecenas has already launched their ART exchange).

We also receive almost daily requests from (real estate) companies to work with us.

We have over 50+ partner requests.

Why is your team so special compared to every other ICO out there? How does it stand out?

99% of all real estate funds and investment sites focus on asset acquisition, asset management, investor relations and so on.

BrickEX’s core focus is the exchange itself.

This core focus entails work that will make trading real estate as easy and transparent as possible whilst also providing liquidity to ensure effective deal flows.

Thinking about the future, what kind of upgrades do you have planned?

That sums it up fairly well.

What are the use cases you are looking to cover? Why do you need blockchain and a token?

We have a two-tier token model:

  • The Brick Token and
  • Asset Tokens

The Brick Token (BRI) is a utility token.

The Brick Token can be used on the platform to pay for transaction fees, third party services fees, and property listing fees.

The BrickEX platform will trade in asset-backed tokens (security tokens).

These security tokens represent a percentage of ownership of a building or group of buildings.

In most cases, this will be an ERC20 compatible token.

How are you aiming to provide scalability to your service?

BrickEX is connecting all property providers (this could be any property owner, fund, REIT, property crowdfunding site, property tokenization site, etc.) to the exchange.

The focus of BrickEX is the exchange platform itself which is technology based.

BrickEX does not need to go out and buy properties.

The property partners will bring the (trade) volume to the BrickEX exchange.

This is why we can scale much faster than a more traditional property fund that has a team for acquisition and management.

How would you evaluate the current situation for Real Estate and Blockchain Industry?

Blockchain and Real Estate is a match made in heaven really.

Some of the benefits of applying blockchain to the real estate industry:

  • Trust and transparency: blockchain enables an immutable record of property (fractional) ownership.
  • All relevant financial documentation can be attached to the records of ownership.
  • Accessibility. Creating fractions of the property values the investments will become more accessible to a larger investment audience.
  • Various applications of smart contracts. Think rental contracts and rental payment management.
  • Intermediaries, applying blockchain will reduce the number of intermediaries in the trading or renting chain.
  • Financing. Blockchain can create one trusted place where all relevant information to a specific asset is stored (think of valuation reports, tenancy agreements, maintenance reports, etc.).

For example, all banks can be given access to this information and they can decide on mortgage terms on the same information.

If you’re intrigued by the idea of “Real Estate on the Blockchain” like me, click the link below to join Free Discord community where you can find more information about the project and step-by-step instructions on investing in the ICO:



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