We are in this together!

A tale about the ego and self improvement

3 min readMay 10, 2020

I noticed a lot of quarrels and fights between influencer groups and traders, and I get it, this market is one bag of huge emotions and an absolute rollercoaster.

some turn salty for missing a great run, some fud projects they kind of overlooked. and while this is all very subtle I can’t help myself but wonder what is behind this behavior.

of course, some competition is healthy, I mean when I started I saw people like SecretsOfCrypto doing shit I have never seen before. calling trends, and things before they happen.

I was blown away and inspired, it led me to kick my butt and improve myself. and I noticed these people (gifted as they are) have no supernatural abilities, but they recognize fundamental patterns and things before others do.

crypto_rand showed me how to be professional and lead a pack, working nonstop on his craft.

all these people made me greater than I was before.

But there were dark times, when I doubted myself when I failed, where the dark and ugly feeling of envy crept into my soul.

it’s normal, everyone has it.

but I can only say don’t act on this feeling!

it won’t lead you anywhere, it is not your job to make yourself comfortable, negative feelings make us uncomfortable for a reason.

the only way to feel in peace is to evolve and live up to higher standards, that’s how you grow.

so there are two roads you can go to if you feel obstacles.

  1. use the pressure, the pain, the envy, all the negative emotions to drive urself forward, to improve, and to become better.
  2. try to bring other people down, shit on their work, hate on them, or simply copy them without any love or respect or recognition.

Obviously, only one road will lead to longterm success.

an inflated ego is like a shadow demon constantly demanding to be fed, the energy you will waste to keep it calm will eventually burn you out.

im in this game for a while, and I have seen it over and over again.

admitting your mistakes and shortcomings is the biggest freedom you can give urself, it may hurt a bit at first. but in the long run, it will set you free.

you can now see a new breed of projects starting to form cooperative ecosystems, and the rat race for ico funds from uneducated investors has been replaced by cooperation between legendary projects.

working together will be the only sustainable way into the future.

so here is my appeal

let your ego go, give everyone around you who inspired you no matter how big or small love and respect.

it will come back to you.

love & peace