Why I am bullish on Crypto, Bitcoin & the Future

A tale of Abundance

2 min readApr 3, 2020

I told u we won’t see a recession

I told you the corona panic is a hype and won’t last

I told u I am bullish on BTC and crypto

Now I’m telling u we will see a system reset and change.

Work is an outdated concept

Offices are an outdated concept

Schools are an outdated concept

Many of the above are things have been unchanged for hundreds of years.

These things aren't meant to evolve us, but to limit & control us

It's time to update and enhance these aspects.

Don’t be scared to lose your job !

Be excited about the future, I lost many jobs and I’m glad I did it helped me evolve and grow and face my true fears.

That’s why I won’t tilt, why I never fold or get trashed by this market, I have faced my darkest fears already and looked them in the eye.

We will see a world of abundance of creativity and where we all do what we can do best and what we feel is the most we can offer this world

No bullshit jobs where u watch the time go by, no more useless activity you pursue just to ensure your existence by an income

I'm talking about a life where every day is challenging and pushes you to your limit but also rewards u with fulfillment.

I also forecast the end of oil & all non-renewables.

The reduction of oil production is just the first step.

The system has been build upon scarcity, but it's not sustainable anymore, the amount of effort to keep this up is not worth the reward.

We are in for some legendary times

The fiat money will not lose its worth like many people fear, but change the way we perceive it.

We will see it as an everyday tool to buy goods

Not as a store of wealth

That’s where I see properties, gold, alt coins & bitcoin in the rise

They will be worth fortunes

Stay positive