You’re all in danger to forget what crypto is about! * Updated

The beginning…

4 min readMar 9, 2018

When I joined crypto I was consumed by it right away, it felt like a secret society of people who got it. We used to be in slack rooms discussing fiat money, banks creating money out of nothing, people who are enslaved and how crypto will affect the world.

But what did they all get? Well basically that everything is a lie, the monetary system, the government system, the financial system…

Satoshi Nakamoto knew it, that’s why he created Bitcoin, he wanted to fight back, and he wanted to free the people.

The status quo…

Nowadays you get laughed at for saying such things, you get called naive when u say it’s about more than making money. We have become so obsessed with getting acknowledged by mainstream, we clearly try to become it.

And I won’t stand for it!

Did Satoshi make an ico and collect millions?
Did he spend all his time on twitter and boards bashing other projects claiming BTC IS KING?!
Did he pose in a suit and tie and start paid groups for his insider knowledge?

Obviously not
With the last new Wave of people joining crypto, we got 3 major new trends.

  1. beginners who bought the top, they are now angry frustrated and scared
  2. wall street traders or simply businessmen who see an opportunity to squeeze people of their $ and BTC
  3. cynical Bitcoin maximalist’s who hold massive amounts of BTC but don’t really care about any of this, they don’t see value in crypto or this evolution of tech they just bash anything that’s not BTC

All of these are a mix for a dangerous toxic cocktail,

we have to do better.

Nowadays discussions with “crypto” people feel like discussions with business students, and I’m disgusted.

Brainwashed sheep claiming how great the financial system is, how very needed banks are and just want to ride the BTC wave for more $

The future…

Is it all bad?


There is still a strong community of smart and crypto-educated people who put pressure on icos, and crypto in general:

Vitalik Buterin himself is not happy with the way things are going at the moment and I can only fully agree on his words.

John Mcafee a truly controversial figure but a real crypto warrior, he doesn’t get distracted on what’s really going on.

Also the groundwork of smart contract platforms like Ethereum, or Waves, will change everything we know anyway.
Buying property without smart contracts will sound crazy very soon, lawyers will write smart contracts, but apart from this, this Industry will soon be made obsolete by technology.

Missing funds, corruption or other shady things will become much harder once we are on the blockchain, how ironic that exactly these things are connected so often with crypto by the mainstream media.

WAVES have been fighting for a decentral way for a long time now, Sasha Ivanov somehow achieving the bridge between regulators, states and the community. With the reduction of Nodes to 1k collateral it will be one of a kind blockchain DEX and much more.

Ethlend stands for everything crypto is about, fully decentral loans on the blockchain. This could replace banks to a certain degree.

The list goes on and on, there are many projects I’m excited about.
Good news is, you cannot hide from technological evolution, and this may seem to be a controversial opinion, but I see it as a movement that cannot be controlled or guided by anyone, we humans ride this wave, but we cannot know where it leads.

Fact is it’s impossible to continue to run the world as we did with this kind of possibilities, so these are exciting times, money is to be made of course, but don’t talk about Lambos while people struggle, take care of your families your friends your loved ones. Be as disruptive as this tech, in the person you can be.

After all, I love crypto, especially on days like this, it’s one amazing experience and every day is different.